Este pré-amplificador é uma excelente ferramenta para quem deseja tirar o melhor partido de uma audição de alta-fidelidade com o seu gira-discos pessoal.

Este artigo encontra-se na nossa loja física, e faz parte dos nossos artigos ex-demo, podendo ser demonstrado a tocar.



LP (Germany) February 2020
“John Curl designed the Parasound JC 3 Jr. at a caliber that allows listeners to concentrate on the music. Simply excellent, neutral and transparent, without any background noise. Dynamic, harmonious, completely articulated, and very well balanced.”

HiFi Choice UK, August 2019
“A neat balance between fun and forensic makes for a long-term listening partner. Judged on its considerable merits it’s a seriously engaging phono stage that deserves careful consideration and an audition.”

Dagogo  February 2019
“Parasound is making you an offer you can almost not refuse. For this phono stage to be so transformative makes me want to explore what more is indeed possible, what more can be extracted in the analog process.”  March 2019
“Excellent performance. Only when it is absent, do you know how much this John Curl designed little brother to the JC 3+ was doing for your system. The Parasound JC 3 Jr. Phono Preamplifier is a real-world bargain!”

Australian HiFi (Australia) December, 2018
“With the JC3 Jr, you are going to hear everything the recording engineer has captured in the groove, and nothing more. The sound of the Parasound JC 3 Jr is breath-takingly beautiful.”

Hi Fi Review (Hong Kong)
“Excellent meticulous sound and super analytical prowess. ‘Value’ is well-deserved. Its retail price immediately makes it a ‘killer product.’ Make sure you include it on your audition list.”

The Absolute Sound August 2018
“For the vast majority of vinyl owners, Parasound’s JC 3 Jr. will stand the test of time and be a willing partner to cartridge or turntable upgrades that might accrue along the way. Its winning musicality proudly upholds the family name.” (Malaysia) April 2018
“The JC 3 Jr. can best be described as a Goldilocks phono preamp – just right in about every dimension. All of the characteristics we look for in music reproduction come together in a convincing musical picture. The mono switch on the JC 3 Jr. is a great addition – worth its weight in gold.”


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